Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Flattering Trends Part 2: Pleats

Hey, y'all, it's Caroline!  I'm back with more trends for your body shape.  For reference, check out the first one here.  :)

Today I'm talking about pleats.  This style has been "in" all summer, and is continuing through the fall.  The problem is... it can be hard to find a way to wear it without completely losing your shape, or without widening you too much.  So here's how every body type can incorporate it well into their wardrobe.

Type 1
Rectangle One - Pleats

You can wear the ever-popular pleated skirts with ease.  Throw on a loosey-goosey top, or even a t-shirt, tuck it in, and cinch your waist with a belt, and you've got a great look!  When pairing with shoes, go for fun colors or quirky oxfords.

Type 2

Rectangle Type 2 - Pleats

Keep your pleats very simple.  Go for gorgeous, flowy blouses with some pleated detail, or even some jewelry with a similar look.  Pair with your favorite jeans and a funky pair of wedges, if you dare.


Apple - Pleats

Because your upper half is fuller than your lower half, wear pretty dresses with little to no pleating on top, and with a-line shapes that have narrow pleats.  Give it some oompf with fun shoes, but go simple on the jewelry.


Pear Pleats

Go crazy with the pleats on your top half, and then balance it out with some jeans and some fun heels.  Granted, you have to wear what you're comfortable with, so wear flats if you need to!  But a pair of cute wedges or pumps will just lengthen those legs and make your fuller lower half look a little narrower.  Avoid pleated skirts, which will make your hips look wider.


hourglass pleats

With an hourglass figure, you can copy Rectangle 1 and cinch a pleated skirt at the waist, or you can be a little different and wear one under a chunky sweater with an a-symmetrical hem.  Pair with colored flats and preppy tops, and you've got a very hip look.

That's all for today!  Remember, buy what you feel comfortable wearing and don't hesitate to get a second opinion.  But don't wear a trend just because it's "in," wear it when it really enhances you and makes you look your best.  



  1. Love it! I really want a pleated skirt, but I have yet to find the perfect one :)

  2. Love these ideas. It really helps spur my inner fashionista! (did I spell that right??)