Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Un-washing your hair

Caroline here!  Like I promised you, here's a post on how to wash your hair less and still look like a model.  (Or, you know, like someone with pretty hair.)

Let's just go ahead and get started!

{Step 1}
                Plan out a few days where you're not going to go anywhere special.  You're hair's gonna look pretty unattractive for a few days, but if you can manage to pull it back or cover it up with a hat, you're set. But the best plan is to do this when you've got lots of time at home.  


{Step 2}
Wash your hair thoroughly on the first day.  You need to remove every impurity possible!  So you can buy a clarifying shampoo if you want, but the best way to really get in there without damaging your hair is to use baking soda.  Make a thick paste with 2 parts baking soda and 1 part water and rub it into your scalp.  Really get in there with it, and then rinse with warm water.  Follow up by mixing one part apple cider vinegar with one part water, and rub it gently through your hair.  Rinse and style your hair as usual, but don't add any hair products.

{Hair Health Tip:  Don't use those same baking soda measurements if you have incredibly fine hair, or if you use this cleansing method daily.  Instead, use about two tablespoons of baking soda in a cup of water and just pour it over your hair and scrub.}


{Step 3}
Now here's the hard part.  You need to completely refrain from washing your hair for AT LEAST three days.  I recommend five, but that can be reaching for the stars for some of us.  No matter how nasty your hair looks, don't put anything in it!  You could use dry shampoo, but that could build up and end up making it look worse more quickly.  Just... don't touch!


{Step 4}
On the final day of your waiting, when it's been long enough and you just don't even want to think about your hair anymore, you're free to wash.  You might want to use the baking soda method again, but you can also just use plain old shampoo and conditioner.  

{Step 5}  
Now, wait three days before you wash your hair again.  It should be loads easier this time around already!

{Step 6}  
Wash that nasty scalp.

{Step 7}
Now, do what you will!  I trained myself to wash my hair two (occasionally three) times a week.  You could do it every other day if you're more comfortable with that!  But there's no way you can do either of these things without doing the hard part of living with the nastiness for a while.  My hair, now, doesn't get gross until the third day, which is my "pony-tail" day.  

I hope this helped you!  Once you start washing your hair less, your hair will be healthier and stronger.  Plus, you won't have to blow-dry and straighten it every day anymore, either!

Go forth and have awesome hair.



  1. Great post. I've done this, and I actually wash my hair once a week. Although I do rinse out my hair once or twice in the week to get rid of any product buildup. But "dirty" hair is so much easier to work with than clean hair!

    Also, I've found that it's so much easier to keep hair from getting oily if I use a natural shampoo that's detergent free. I make my own really gentle castile soap-based shampoo.

  2. Go forth and have awesome hair. :) :) :)

    Have I ever mentioned that I think you're absolutely adorable? And hilarious? And insanely knowledgable about hair stuff?
    Well now I have. Its true. This is great.

    And I kinda love you. Thats all. :)

  3. Caroline, yes yes yes yes and YES!! :) I want to use less detergent shampoo, but I honestly just haven't had the time (or drive) to figure all of that out. :) But working with dirty hair is sooo easy.

    Elizabeth, awww thank you!!! I love you too, sugar! :)

  4. This is awesome. (goes and gets a calendar to figure out my 5 day no wash zone.)
    This should be interesting with my curly hair...

    Do you suggest doing this once a month, or every three months or something?

  5. Ellie, glad you're on board! :) And this especially helps curly hair lose some frizz, which is always nice. I suggest doing this routine only as often as you need it. So if you notice in a month or two that your hair is starting to get greasy more quickly, just pick out another 5 days and try again. But if you're consistent with your not-washing, you shouldn't really have to do the five day cleanse again.

    Hope that helped!

  6. Ya it does, I'm starting first of november... after halloween, and cause I'm home schooled I won't be going anywhere (I hope;)
    I also made up a month Acne-Be-Gone routine that I'm doing till thanksgiving, and if it works well, I'd love to be able to post it for you guys if it'd help others ;) Keep posting, I <3 you guy's blog!

  7. If you want to do a post, just email the post to us and we'll put it in our queue for consideration. We can't guarantee that we'll post it, but we'd love to check it out!! :) (dressingroomdoor(at)gmail(dot)com)

  8. Ok I'll email It to you if the routine works ;)