Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.

Hey There!
Remember me! I'm Elizabeth, that chatterbox girl who hasn't posted since last spring? Yeah. That one. Don't worry though, I'm heartily ashamed of my long delay in posting and intend to start a new leaf. I'm going to keep up with all the other wonderful diligent girls on here and post once a week, how about that! (Unless I'm swamped with homework in which case you'll get another apology.)   ;)

Anyway, Hello! Hi! How are you all! I  hope you had as wonderful a summer as I did. Busy. But wonderful. However I'm exceedingly glad Autumn is finally showing its glorious face. Autumn is my favorite season. October is my favorite month. October 11 is my favorite day...  Just kidding that last one's not true. But I do just really love Fall. All the fiery leaves cascading downward with every slight breeze, they look for all the world like heaven is raining down orange and yellow sprinkles, the crisp chilly mornings, pumpkin moonshines leering in the most cheerful way possible from every doorstep. An excuse to dress up and beg candy from people legally... Just kidding about that last one too. Sort of. But another reason I like fall is the fashion. I mean who doesn't, but I think I especially love it. I love felt hats and leather boots, brightly colored tights and school cardigans. Corduroy jackets, plaid wool skirts, that boyfriend blazer that was too hot to wear in summer, knee socks, more hats.... I like fall. Plus autumnal hues are always the ones that look best on me. So I can be biased right? So I've got a post on specific outfit ideas and color trends for Fall all lined up for you all, but its not quite ready yet. I figured I'd come back gradually with a simple post. Just my own interpretation of a classic autumn outfit. With my own personal flair of course. I.E. the hat. =) 

Yes. I'm making up for lost time by taking up the entire home page with pictures. Just so you know the game plan. 

Burgundy Cardigan: Target
White Ruffled Blouse: Target 
Brown Skater Skirt: Forever 21
Burgundy Felt Hat: Target
White Ankle Socks: Target
Oxford Flats: Shii by Journeys
Make-Up: Standard

I love burgundy. As you can probably tell. And its perfect for Fall! And while your still reading, can we talk about these shoes? Found them at the mall while "window" shopping with a friend for $35. I'm still reeling with the perfection of them. Just thought I'd let you know. :) I'm so happy to be back everyone. Its going to be a good year. Happy October! 

Laughter and Song, 

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  1. Well, um, your not gorgeous or anything.
    Those shoes are fab.