Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Trends: The Varsity Jacket

Hello all, Lillian here!

Today I am sharing with you my love of the new varsity jacket trend.  I've always loved the look of varsity jackets, and even though I'm usually averse to such blatant trendy-ness, I just purchased my very own.  I think it's pretty terrific.  But unfortunately, in a sad case of ditsy-ness on my part, my camera is all the way across America at the current moment.  So instead of posting any sort of outfit post, I am going to share with you two different ways to style your jacket, should you choose to join me in this awesome-jacket-party. 

{Number One:  The Authentic, steal-from-the-guys, Varsity Jacket}

For this type of look, go to the guys section of stores, thrift stores or actually steal it from a brother or friend.  It'll be a bit large, but that's what we love about this look.  Pair it with casual dresses or jeans, or for a more fancy look, try it with a high-waisted skirt and blouse, and just sling it across your shoulders, getting more of a 50's look.

{Number Two: The more style-ized Look}
For this type of look you can have more of a free-reign on what exactly a varsity jacket is.  But that's ok, because this is a trend, and you always want to have your own twist on it.  Take a sweater version, or a patterned one, or a sweater with barely a hint.  Style them however you see fit with girly accents or retro ones.

But really, just have fun, because what is the point of getting dressed everyday if it isn't fun? Well besides the fact that it isn't socially acceptable to go everywhere naked... but you knew what I meant.  ;)

Are you considering getting your own varsity jacket?

Any other trends you are embracing this fall?  Do tell!


P.S. See the original Polyvore sets here.  
P.P.S Mine is most like the red-sleeved "authentic" jacket in the first picture. 


  1. ohmygosh.
    PLEASE bring it to the gathering so I can -steal- borrow it. <3

  2. http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?BR=f21&Category=whatsnew_app_outerwear&ProductID=2064786360&VariantID=

    only 22.80!

  3. Woe is me - I had one of those when they weren't in style, and I lost it. *sniff* Now I really miss it! :p

    - Victoria (http://raindropsandmoonlight.blogspot.com)