Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"I volunteer!" I gasp. "I volunteer as tribute!"

"Winning means fame and fortune,
Losing means certain death. 
The Hunger Games have begun
And may the odds be ever in your favor."

Hello, everyone!  Here begins our week full of Hunger Games related Dressing Room Door posts!  Here at DRD, we love the Hunger Games.  We're possibly a little bit obsessed with them.  And what better way to fangirl than to recreate the looks we've gotten a sneak preview of in the movie. Let me know what you think!

Pre-makeup and hair, I exfoliated and cleansed my face, and washed my hair the night before.
This is my interpretation of Katniss's look during the games.  I know it isn't perfect, but I had a blast putting it together. Her makeup is simple, and her braid is pretty lovely. Her outfit consists of boots, skinny pants, a black vneck, and a windbreaker.  Not to mention the arrows, which, I obviously don't have, so I substituted for a brown bag instead. :)

Here's how I recreated Katniss' iconic braid.

For makeup, I kept it light and subtle since I doubt Katniss was stopping to reapply a cream blush every couple of miles in the games. ;) The key to Katniss' makeup is really all high lighting. It's almost better to not conceal your blemishes to get that "real" look, but if you'd like, start with a concealer.


  •  I prep my face with a lightweight water based moisturizer, and then use Vaseline as a primer.  I don't recommend doing this if you have oily skin, just stick with a shimmerless face primer, but if you have dry skin like me, this will help your highlighter stick better than a primer. I apply it down the bridge of my nose, on my cheekbones, and the middle of my forehead.  
  • Since Katniss has a very contoured and angular face, I contour my cheekbones and temples with a light, matte bronzer.
  • Then I apply Estee Lauder's spotlight as a highlight on all of the places I prepped with Vaseline.  This is a fabulous highlight, and while a bit expensive, so worth it.
  • After this I set my makeup with  Fix Plus. This gives a dewey glow and will keep your contoured look all evening/day/whatever.
  • I smudge brown eyeliner into my lashes and right above, and then spread it out using a eyeshadow sponge.  
  • I apply a thin, thin coat of brown/black mascara to my upper lashes, a quick swipe of lipbalm and I'm good to go!

Jacket - Dad's
Shirt - TJ Maxx {DKNY}
Corduroy Skinnies - Max Azria
Boots - Claire's 
Bag - Thrifted {Cherokee}
Necklace - Gift from Lillian :) <3

Now the real question, ladies, Team Peeta or Team Gale? ;)

Happy Hunger Games!



  1. Team Peeta all the way! ;)


  2. This is so cute, Em! Your hair is lovely.

    And Team Peeta, for sure. Gale is a psychopath. Especially in Mockinjay. But honestly, Katniss doesn't deserve Peeta... :P I CAN NEVER BE CONTENT.

  3. I love this so very much! i wish my hair was long enough to do it ;)

    Oh, TEAM PEETA!!!! But i have to agree with Anna ^^^ Katniss totally doesn't deserve him! :)

  4. Emilyann pool you are a fantastic person I love this everything is perfect so yeah. I'm next thanks a lot. ;) <3<3<3 ps this is Lillian I just don't feel like logging in right now.

  5. This is perfect! Love it.

    And also..... TEAM PEETA.

  6. Team Peeta def. And I'd just like to say that I almost had a heart attack after not being able to watch your tutorial vid. Stupid foreign countries with their stupid publishing rights. *sigh* But I suppose I'll survive. And you are the most adorable thing, bytheway. ;) <3

  7. Team Peeta, no contest. Love the look! ;)

  8. Ahhh, love love love the braid! I tried it, and my mum asked me who did my hair. ;) So excited for DRD's Hunger Game week. <3 Go Team Peeta. :)

  9. GALE.

    my friends and I actually started a poll at our school because we think Gale is the best...but obviously I'm the only one who thinks so :(

    but still. I love him. he's so wonderful...