Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hair: Long and Healthy How-To

Hey, ladies, Emilyann here!

I'm tuning in for a familiar topic on our blog, how to get healthy hair.  I know a lot of you girls out there are growing out your hair.  It can be frustrating and you often become impatient, am I right?  I'm in the middle of growing out my hair right now, and lately, I have realized that yeah, it's great if my hair is long, but it's more important for my hair to be healthy.  So even if you're not growing your hair out, these tips will help you keep your hair healthy and hydrated.

In the shower....

As we approach summer, it's extremely important to not dry out your hair.  That's why it's vital to keep your hair hydrated. Even if you have oily hair, apply conditioner. Having greasy hair does not mean you should do everything you can to strip it of it's oil.  Like Caroline said in her last post about oily skin, the same goes for oily hair.  If you strip your hair of all of its nutrients, it will only produce more oil to replace it.  So instead of ignoring conditioner because you think it will add unwanted grease to your hair, only apply conditioner to the ends of your hair. I apply conditioner from my ends, up to about halfway to my head. This keeps all of the hair threatening to break off and split, healthy and hydrated.

Try a deep conditioner.  I love Aussie's three minute miracle. It keeps your hair silky and smooth like no other conditioner I've ever used before. Use this in the shower once a week, and it will heal your hair as well as keep it shiny and smooth.

Switch up shampoos. I literally always buy a different shampoo every time I go to the store to purchase a new one.  Using one shampoo over and over can dull your hair and leave it lifeless and unstimulated.  Keep your follicles guessing.  Every time you change up your routine, it has to adapt. It keeps the hair working and growing. What will also help you is switching up the function of the shampoo you're using.  If you're using one for body boost, next time you buy a shampoo, get one that hydrates your hair, and then the next time get one that enhances color, etc.  Keep it lively and your hair will respond.

Outside the shower...

Only brush your hair with a wide tooth comb or a boar bristle brush. When your hair is wet, use the comb, and when it is try, use the brush. The boar bristle brush will take all of the nutrients at your roots and disperse them thoughout your hair, whereas a regular brush will only break your ends.

Massage your scalp when you wake up everyday, and before you go to sleep.  This can both rejuvenate your hair and calm you down.  If your hair has been up in a ponytail all day, a nice scalp massage feels so good.  It gets your follicles working and your hair growing.

After every shower, apply a silk oil.  Start at your ends and work your way up to your roots.  This does wonders, I swear by it.  It is literally magic.  Plus it smells delish.  

Tone it down on the heat.  The farther you can go without straightening or curling your hair, (and don't forget blowdrying) the better. The more heat you use, the easier it is to kill the roots and break the ends.  I only use heat about one to two times a week.  Give your hair a break and go natural, put it in a messy braid, or curl it overnight with foam curlers.  All of these are great alternatives to using heat on your hair.  When you must use heat, USE. A. HEAT. PROTECTANT, and keep the temperature low.  I cannot stretch this enough. About two years ago I literally killed my hair's curls because I overlooked this step. Don't let it happen to you.

Don't dye your hair.  This will damage it like crazy.  If you must dye your hair, try a natural dye, like a henna hair dye, which is also a conditional and will actually boost your hair's shine and health.

Try different hair masks.  You don't even have to go any farther than your kitchen.  You can have a hot oil treatment with a cup of olive oil and a microwave, or an avocado and some egg whites.  The possibilities are endless, just Pinterest natural hair remedies and you're sure to come up with a ton.

Your hair will not grow faster if you trim it often.  This is a myth.  But cutting off your ends when they get too frayed and split, does keep your hair healthier and stronger.  Cut your hair when you feel like it.  It doesn't make it grow any faster.  I personally don't like to cut mine every three months, but do what suits you.

And then there are of course the staples, like drinking a ton of water, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep.  We all sort of take these rules as freebees, but if you make a pattern for yourself and stick to it, you will see results.

This has been a pretty long post, but for those of you trying to grow out your hair, it'll be worth it if you try all of these instructions. You will start to see a difference!


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  1. Thank you so much for this post! The last few months I have been trying to grow out my hair, but I realise I've just been completely neglecting it! The ends are horribly split so I'm going to get them trimmed this week an then start using all the advice you gave here. And good idea about the natural hair masks... I will be raiding my kitchen very shortly! <3 xx