Monday, March 19, 2012

The Reaping.


I was re-reading the descriptions of District 12 on order to prepare for my post on Reaping Day fashions there. If I had to summarize it all in one word I think that word would be grey. Everything there seems listless, dull, and without life. Its truly an interesting picture that the author paints considering the capitol is the direct antithesis exploding with color yet they too are in a sense dead to reality. Anyway I promised a fashion post so here we go.

I'm going to attempt to give you some inspiration for a Reaping Day inspired outfit. This would be perfect to wear to a midnight premier perhaps? Or if your like me and simply like dressing up, it could just make your weekday interesting. The key to Reaping Day fashions in District 12 is muted colors. So greys, whites, light blues, and browns. This is the poorest district in the whole country and it shows. No bright colors and frippery here. Plain and slightly old fashion trends are prevalent. So here's what I came up with to try and accomplish the style. I picked flower backgrounds because despite the gloomy surroundings they did still have wildflowers which were obviously precious since so many people are named from them. Oh! and check our my interpretation of Katniss's braided hairstyle. I was rather excited about how it turned out. :)

Reaping Day Fashion
1. Light toned dresses or skirts. (button downs seem to be popular in the film.)
2. Minimal makeup if any just to disguise blemishes and perhaps make the eyes brighter but nothing more.
3. Simple sensible shoes.
4. Braids. And the many rabbit trails they imply. :)

May the odds be ever in your favor. 


  1. LOVE the hair, very muchly LOVE it!

  2. This is the most beautiful blog post I have read in a while. And I'm not kidding. :)

    I'm a HUGE fan of The Hunger Games, and I absolutely adore this post. The outfits are perfect. Your hair is simply lovely. And the photography is just breathtaking! Seriously. The background with the flowers, the soft lighting, the way you edited the photos, and of course, the pretty model (which I assume is you, right?). Perfection in one post. Love it.

    p.s. Sorry for the long, long, long comment. I am a new follower. :)