Monday, May 14, 2012

Hair How-To: Twisted Tiara

Hola hola hola!  It's Caroline.  I'm currently in the process of growing out some super awkward bangs, and so I rarely wear them down.  Because of this, I've had to come up with some cute ways to hide a bobby pin without having the shortest bits of bang falling in my eyes!

This one is my personal favorite, other than just a French braid.  I like to call it the twisted tiara because it's raised up from the scalp and looks a bit like a crown.  And also because who doesn't love alliteration?

     {Step One}
Starting at your part, lift up two pieces of hair and do one twist.

     {Step Two}
Pick up another strand of hair from your hairline and add it to the front piece.  

     {Step Three}
Twist that front piece and the new strand backwards and over the back piece.  Your back piece is now your front piece.

     {Step Four}
Repeat Step Two and Three over and over until you think you're done.

     {Step Five}
Grasp the two pieces and twist them together into one, and push them against your scalp so the French Twist you've just created gets a bit of volume.

     {Step Six}
Take a bobby pin.  Push it through the end of your twist from underneath and twist/push it in until it feels secure to you.  You can add more bobby pins throughout the "tiara" if you feel some places are loose.

Hit that baby with some hairspray and you've hidden your bangs away for the day!  This is great for summer, too, because it's fast (once you get the hang of it) and looks great with beachy waves.  Or with just plain ol' fresh from sleep lazy butt I just don't care hair.

Happy hair-days to you all.



  1. Ah love it! I'm growing out my bangs as well... goodness gracious it's annoying. ;)

  2. This is cute! What a great casual hairstyle

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