Thursday, May 24, 2012

What About Green Eyes?

Hello, ladies! Emilyann here to bring you a post on enhancing green eyes. Like Caroline said, the best colors for your eyes are the colors on the other end of the spectrum. This would make purples the best colors for your eyes. Purples work with every skintone. The only thing about purple eyeshadow is that it's hard to make it look pretty and not like a black eye. I'm here to show you some failproof ways to make your eyes stand out and not in the "I just got beat up" way. ;)

The first way to make those eyes pop is purple eyeliner. This is probably the most subtle way to bring out your green eyes, but also the most effective. Stick to plum and indigo shades on the upper lashline, and a bit on the outer lower lashline, and it will be barely noticeable, but your eyes will definitely shine. Pair this eyeliner with a dark red lipstick for night wear, or a pretty nude for day.

When using purple eyeshadow, never use a matte purple. This is a recipe for the beat up look disaster. 
Use a silver lid color and a shimmery purple. This will keep things pretty and feminine. 

Another subtle way to enhance your green eyes is to add a purple inner corner highlight. By using a subtly tinted purple highlight color in the corner of your eye, it wakes up the eye and brightens the color beautifully. 

Remember, just because purple enhances your eye color doesn't mean it's the only color you have to use, or the only color that looks good on you. Other factors include your hair color, your eye shape, and your skin tone. Don't be restricted to one look with your makeup. The best way to know what looks good on you is to explore new things!

Have fun with your purples. :)



  1. I love this post! Okay, I don't have green eyes (mine are brown), but I still like purple shadow and have had problems with the "black eye" look. Thanks for the tips, Emilyann. =]

  2. I have green eyeshadow and purple has always been my go to color. It's amazing how green your eyes look paired with purple.

  3. This is great! How about one for brown eyes now? :)

  4. Thanks so much, Emilyann! I have a really hard time bringing out my eyes, most people don't even realize they're green. I can't wait to try these... :)