Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Brown eyes, of course

Hey Ladies of the brown eyes, you all knew it was coming.  :)
{Products used: Beauty Rush wet/dry shadow in bronzinger, covergirl eyebrightening palette in vibrant browns: cream and bronze, covergirl lashblast volum mascara}
Now I don't consider myself an expert, but here's the makeup I do on a fairly normal basis.  I have brown eyes, and to give myself contrast-y eyelids I have a dark brown with a bit of shimmer for my crease, a bit of highlighter for my brow bone and the corner of my eye, and then a bronze-y for my lid.  I also apply mascara to my top and bottom lashes.  Sometimes I forgo the lid and brow bone and just apply dark brown to my crease.  It's not a lot and just gives a bit of contrast without looking heavy(I love this particular shadow).
Obviously, brown isn't on the color wheel, but I also suggest purples and greens to bring out the richness of your brown eyes.  Try out different colors of eyeliners like Emilyann said, those are fun, or even purple mascara.  Go ahead and experiment with it.  With my light olivey skin and brunette hair, brown eyeshadow is my favorite right now.  But it also depends on my mood. ;)

Have fun ladies (and happy summer, thank goodness it's here, right?)!



  1. This is a gorgeous look! I love the subtlety. Thanks for sharing your know-how! =)