Saturday, December 31, 2011

French Makeup

Hey!  It's Caroline. I've decided that the French style is my absolute favorite.

The French girls look like they just rolled out of bed, threw things on, and left.  There's nothing too "done" about their look, and yet they still look elegant and absolutely stunning.  

Today I filmed a tutorial on the laid back French makeup.  It's all about dewy, clear skin, a slight bit of color to the face, smoked out and messy shadow, dark lashes, and a "bitten" lip look.  

I hope you enjoy!  This was my first time trying to make a real makeup tutorial, so let me know what you think... I'm new to this.  I might do a voiceover next time instead of slides, but we shall see.  If you have any questions about the application, ask me in the comments below and I'll respond!

Happy new year!



  1. Um...Like you even need makeup. Your skin is gorrrrrrgeous. You're so beautiful. This tutorial is super helpful. Everyday makeup? I think yes...

    Je vous remercie, mon chéri!

  2. I really love the lipstick. Is that Mac or Elf?

    Stunning, by the way. I do my eyes like that almost everyday. :)

  3. Uhhh. How did you get so cute.

    Great video, love! And I need to buy bronzer asap.

  4. Lol thank you, Mandas! :) And I definitely recommend the Urban Decay baked bronzer. :)

  5. Hey! Love the video... some great ideas there for everyday looks! tried out the eyeshadow look today, as I usually just stick to a bit of eyeliner on the top lid, and then avoid anything else as I usually end up looking like a goth, or someone who did NOT get enough sleep the night before!! The eyeshadow worked out well today though :)
    Just wondering... do you have any recommendations for red lipstick? Thinking of trying it for a formal ball that we have coming up, but a tad scared! I'm looking at the MAC lipsticks as I've read some really great reports on them, but WHAT SHADE? Help!!
    Happy Blogging :) xxoxx <3

  6. Hey Eve! I'm so glad you liked the look!! :)

    I definitely can help you out there! If you're looking for a MAC lipstick, then good choice! The quality is amazing and I highly recommend them. Red is a really subjective color and some just don't work for everyone, and normally I couldn't give advice over the computer about it. BUT, since I've met you in real life, I think I can recommend Ruby Woo or Russian Red! MAC Red is a good shade as well, but could end up being a tad overpowering.

    <3 <3

  7. This is a beautiful look! I watched the video then tried it out for myself, and it was lovely. So natural and yet so elegant. =) I'm a blond, so I toned some of it down a bit, but it was still very nice and looked just like I had stepped out of Paris! Thanks for this great, easy, and authentic tutorial!