Sunday, December 11, 2011

Transitioning Between Styles 101

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It's incredibly easy to become "stuck" in one style.  The idea of switching up your look can be a daunting thought.  We all have our reasons for not switching it up when we really want to.  Perhaps you're confused as to what style you "fit" in.  Perhaps you like a lot of things, and you don't really know what your niche is.  Maybe you feel the pressure of staying "you".  Maybe you're afraid of what people will say when they realize you're not wearing the same clothes as you used to.  These are all legitimate worries!  It's not simple to transition into a new style.  Here are some tips to make it a little bit easier.

1.  Don't feel like you have to label yourself.

When switching styles, it is common to feel like you have to switch your vocabulary as well as your wardrobe.  "I used to be preppy, now I'm boho." These terms are useless.  You are not a style, you are a human being with your own distinct sense of what you believe to be attractive or unattractive.  If you like plaid skirts AND maxi dress, that's okay.  You don't need to classify yourself and force yourself to stay there.  One of the most wonderful things about fashion is it's diversity.  Exploring and incorporating are key to finding things you like.  Chances are you won't like all of the things in your genre, and chances are you will like things outside of your genre.  The best way to avoid confusion in this area is to not sort yourself into a genre at all.  

2. Keep your "old style" clothes.

Your wardrobe is not a folder on your computer you can delete and create a new one in seconds.  Keep the clothing you own, because, well, you need clothing.  You'd also be surprised how often you can incorporate your previous style of clothing into your new style.  Accessories most importantly!  Jazzing up your old clothes is a great way to get more use out of them.  Your closet is like an artist's paint palette, there are different staples, or colors, and separately, they all look one dimensional.  But when you start to paint, or in this case pair your clothes together, the picture comes out much differently than the palette looks.

3.  Make the transition slowly.

Don't go from a sweats and a tshirt to an Audrey Hepburn look-a-like in one day.  This will both distract other people, and wear you thin.  If you're not used to dressing the way you desire for your new style, take it slowly.  Incorporate small changes into your clothing.  A great place to start is a hair cut, or new lipstick.  Small changes go a long way, in the end.  It will also attract less attention.  People's comments were something that really hindered me when changing my style.  Good or bad, I was worried about people's remarks.  If you make the transition slowly, people will barely notice.

4.  Stay inspired.

It's easy to fall into the slump of "I can't do this, I don't know anything about style or fashion".  Read up on your favorite fashion magazines.  Scroll through Pinterest.  Read your favorite fashion blogs.  You'll find it a lot easier to create outfits when you're constantly finding new ideas.

5.  Know what you do and don't like.

"It's just not me" is a perfectly acceptable answer.  Be able to distinguish your own personal preferences.  This goes back to number one,  don't force yourself to like a trend because "it's in my style".  For example, perhaps you really love the hipster style, but you think that those famous glasses look ridiculous.  Don't wear them.  Don't try to make yourself like them.  Don't classify yourself.  Just like something for the sake of your own personal opinion.

6.  Know what looks good on you.

Some trends just don't work for certain body types.  This isn't your fault.  Every body type is capable of looking good!  Don't be discouraged if you don't look like the manikin, because no one does.  For more information on what your body type is, and what you can wear, try out Caroline's Flattering Trends series.  She talks about what body type you are, and what will look good on you.  Be proactive and read up on your body type before shopping-  it saves from a lot of useless aggravation.


7. Change for you.

Don't change your style to impress other people.  Stick with what you love.  Dressing to impress is frustrating.   The most important thing about fashion is remembering that everything you wear reflects who you are.  Style is an extension of yourself, as Kate so wonderfully put in her introduction post.  Not only does style reflect who you are, but what you stand for.  As a Christian young lady, it reflects your God.  That's why modesty and beauty are such important things in the life of a Christian.  Don't wear clothes that you feel pressured into wearing by the media, or by your friends.  Dress the way you feel, the way you think.  If you ask for people's input on your outfits, always take it with a grain of salt.  First, ask if it's modest.  If it's appealing, and yet still reflective of your character and of your God.  A mother, or best friend, or a sibling will always tell you the truth about this.  If you want someone's opinion on if they like it or not, brace yourself.  Don't feel like they have to agree with you, or you have to agree with them. It's okay to wear something that someone else doesn't particularly like the style of.  If you like it, and it is pleasing to your God, wear it.  Don't worry about the opinions of Hollywood or of other people.

So if you're thinking about making that change of style, do it!  Try it out.  Style is never set in stone.  You can wear something completely opposite tomorrow if you like.  Play around, make mistakes, experiment!  Have fun with your wardrobe, and wear what makes you feel lovely.



  1. This is a really nice post! For me I've discovered the kinds of clothes I want to wear, and the slow transitions don't help me at all. I often end up talking myself into outfits in the morning. I have outfits others like on me, which I don't, but feel pressured to wear, and outfits I love others think look bad. So his is helpful to me:) does anyone else adore Emma Watson and her outfits in Harry potter, and my week with Marilyn? (no I haven't watched that movie, Ive just seen pics of her:)

  2. Yes, Ellie, I do! Emma's outfits are so cute! (I haven't seen the movie either)

  3. I know right! I wear a pink hoodie with my jean jacket Alot now... And her sweaters are to die for :)