Saturday, November 12, 2011

An Introduction.

Hello dear readers of the Dressing Room Door! My name is Kate and I’m writing to you from “across the pond.” As many of you know, this is my very first post on DRD and it would be a lie if I said that I wasn’t a bit nervous! :) I felt so honored when my dear friend Caroline asked me to join the team of lovely (and très chic!) ladies who blog here at Dressing Room Door. I am excited to get started!

So, shall we? Enough about moi, let’s talk STYLLLE!

It is certainly no small feat for young ladies who desire to lead lives that are glorifying to Christ to dress modestly in this day and age. Trust me, I KNOW. But I also know and believe that being modest does not mean sacrificing fashion! Yes: I AM saying that modesty and stylishness can go hand in hand (as we have daily proof right here on this very blog!). In fact, I think it can be quite fun to take trendy pieces and figure out how to integrate them into ladylike outfits. Sometimes all that’s needed is a little bit of inspiration…..

I suppose I’d say that my “philosophy” about personal style is that what you wear is an extension of yourself; an extension of your thoughts, feelings, worldview, etc. If it doesn’t speak to you, take it off. Dressing well is an art. An art that, like any other, takes practice - this is something I always try to keep in mind when I dress in the morning. Now, I am a girl who loves a classic! But a classic paired with a bit of eclectic; preppy but maybe a little hippie. In other words, classic silhouettes harmonized with interesting, contemporary jewelry, or a pop of color in a bright shoe or bag.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I would like to highlight the aspect of quality and detail in garments and accessories. In my opinion, a big part of being modest and dressing well is being a good steward. Taking care of your clothes and appearance and investing in well-made pieces is often an overlooked, yet essential aspect of the spirit of modesty. And, admit it, who hasn’t been delighted to find a beautifully adorned (with grosgrain perhaps?) interior hem or a fabulous pattern on the lining of a bag that’s just as special as the outside? Happily for me quality doesn’t always have to mean expensive. :) I might as well confess it, I LOVE THRIFTING. I hope to share a few of my favorite finds along with some tips and inspiration with you here on DRD in future posts.

p.s. please forgive/bear with me as I figure out how to use blogger! hopefully my pictures won't be wonky for too long. ;) Oh and also, all of the pictures on this post came from my pinterest account.


  1. I love your first post, and you. :) I'm actually always using you as an inspiration for a ton of outfits. You know, after spending a month at your house, I couldn't help it. Je t'aime.

  2. Kate! I love, love, love your classic style. I can never pull off similar outfits the way you do. I'm so excited for your posts! Eek! :)

  3. Yay!! :D I'm so glad you've finally got started. Can't wait to read more, you lovely thing you.


  4. what a fabulous post, kate!! love it! love your style! love you! :D haha i'm so excited to see more posts. xoxo

  5. Welcome! You are a thrifter! YAY. I can't wait to hear your tips. =]

  6. This is exciting! Congrats! I look forward to you posts!
    Pe es: I SO envy you!