Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wit Beyond Measure Is A Man's Greatest Treasure.

So a bunch of us girls on Dressing Room Door are absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter.  Ehem.  Me being one of them.  Here's a Ravenclaw makeup tutorial for you, I hope you enjoy.  :)

Start with a fresh face.  Conceal all blemishes, but do your best to keep your foundation and cover-up light and airy.  A school girl shouldn't cake on the powder and liquid foundation.

First start by applying an eyelid primer.  Some good primers are Urban Decay Primer Potion, and Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  My personal favorite primer, and the one I used for this tutorial is Mary Kay Triple Eye Enhancer.  After you've applied your primer, apply a few strokes of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and blend in on your eyelid with your ring finger.  The reason you use your ring finger is because it applies the least amount of pressure.  It won't tug at your skin and give you premature wrinkles, as well as not press on your eye, or blood vessels, too harshly.  Also apply the eye pencil to the browbone, and blend in, as this will provide as your highlight.

After you've completed your prep for this look, take out a white, shimmery eyeshadow.  I used the white from my Essence palette in the shades XOXO.  You can get this palette at Ulta for very inexpensive.

Apply the white with a C-shaped brush (I got mine from E.L.F.) to your inner corner and blend outward onto the first half of the eye.

After this, apply the silvery color from the same palette all over the second and outer half of the eye.  This gives more depth and dimension to the eye than one  eyelid color would.

After this step is completed, you move onto the pop of blue, which makes Ravenclaw, well, Ravenclaw. (Cool fact-  the books actually state that the Ravenclaw house colors are blue and bronze, but the movie changed the colors to blue and silver). I took a bright blue color from my Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette and applied it with a pencil brush into my outer V.  The outer V is the part of your eye right at the crease, continued down near the lower lash line, in of course, a V formation.  I blended it outward with a fluffy crease brush to get a softer effect.

After eyeshadow, comes eyeliner.  Using a waterproof pen eyeliner from E.L.F. I applied it to my upper lashline.  I used a pencil black eyeliner to line my tightline and waterline, or the part of your eyelid right above the part that the lashes sit on.

Now it's time for the cheeks and lips.  Keep your cheek color nice and flushed, without apply an enormous amount.  Like I said, dewey school girl.  I used a Rimmel London blush called "Tickle Me Pink". I kept the lips a pink color as well, with a cute, shimmery pink color called "Popsicle" from Bonnebell.

Apply your favorite volumizing mascara.  I applied first on the opposite side of my lashes.  This gives the effect of thicker, fuller, even fake, lashes.  Apply several coats.  I used Covergirl's Lashblast Luxe in Black Platinum.  This is by far my favorite mascara.  It has sparkles in it and it shimmers in the light.  It's a pick-me-up to any tired eye.

Have at it, girls!

Emilyann <3

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  1. Ahh! You stole my idea! Ok, not really. But I did the same thing for today when I went to go see the movie. I was on the brink of going with Slytherin eye-makeup, but Ravenclaw seemed best. I have no idea how I would do Hufflepuff and Gryffindor seemed too bold. Ha! <3 this