Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just Another Thing in the Medley of Them.

RIGHT. well. Prepare for like, a million pictures, and some things that inspire me. Have fun. ;) I hope to get an actual outfit post, and a hair tutorial on here...sometime. There are also a few of my favorite things, to follow the lead of the other girls.

Tubing..hehe. :)

This is like, THE only picture of me. I'm the one who has the camera, anyways!
My sister and her baby. :)
*THE* cutest shoes, ever.
I went to a Scottish Fiddle Competition, too.
The judge was just....awesome.
Film cameras are too much fun.
Reading the Harry Potter books again... :)

Every day I've been throwing open the windows in my bedroom and turning on this cd.
It's the perfect music to set my favorite mood and just makes my day better.
This is a picture of a light I got from IKEA...
It's so much fun to take bokeh pictures of it!
The other day I went fishing with my family. I usually don't go, but they dragged be aboard this time. My daddy's an OBSESSIVE fisherman. Obsessive.
Bonfires, fireworks, s'mores, sparklers, friends.
These past couple days have been so much fun. Even sitting with a crazy sunburn on my back...I'm enjoying myself. Blogging, watching a Harry Potter movie with my grandma...I'm so fortunate to have everything I'm blessed with. A country where the only thing stopping me from spreading Christ's Word to my friends is my own will. A family who loves me and wants me to spend time with them. There are just so many things to be grateful for, I can't even count them all. Heck. I feel blessed because our wifi is finally working.... ;) (My poor mum's spent hours on the phone trying to fix it.)

A few items I really love:
This bronzer in golden. I use it everyday. It's inexpensive, and perfect for that glowing look Emilyann mentioned in one of her posts!
I have a couple North Face jackets. They are really great quality, last forever, and are so adaptable.
Nikon cameras! Need I say more?


  1. You're so beeeautttiful Josiepoo. :) I miss you bunches.

    PS, Harry Potter <3

  2. Can't live without my camera... *sigh*

    nikons are the best =P

  3. I agree, film cameras are great. lovely photos.