Monday, June 20, 2011

Tea Dresses and Speculations

I know. I never post anything interesting. Just call me boring Beth. :)
The thing is, I don't really know that many interesting fashiony things to tell you! ( Shh! though thats a secret! ) Like, I couldn't begin to tell you how I did my hair for these is just sort of happened. And couldn't give a make-up tutorial because I wore the same as I always do with the exception of some bright coral lipstick. -LOVE- My outfit wasn't even all that spectacular either just flats and a floral sundress. But maybe that's the point of my contribution for the time being. That a outfit doesn't have to be perfect to look lovely. I know that I for one, and I bet others too, sometimes feel a little intimidated when I'm around people who always look perfectly put together right down to coordinating nail polish. I get the idea that if I'm not also as equally polished looking they'll somehow not like me as well. And then I get home and think how silly is that! My mother always tells me not to worry about whether my own shoelaces are tied because everyone else is too busy wondering if theirs are tied properly to notice. Isn't that wonderful? Now of course this doesn't mean literally don't tie your shoelaces. You should probably do that. I'm pretty sure its some kind of a safety regulation in some places. But the idea is that we spend all our time worrying about our own appearance and don't even think about the fact that everyone else spends their time doing the exact same thing! And really thats not even what we should be worrying about in the first place. The people who matter will love us no matter what we wear. Makes me wish I spend more time trying to think about how to act more graciously when I'm with others rather then spending it fretting about what I look like. I'd imagine this is an area we all could use some work in. :) All that rant to say: Your friends will love you even on bad hair days. I promise. In fact what's funny is that I find, that those days when I think I'm not "up to standard" will happen to be the days someone thinks to come up and remind me that they love my wavy hair or something trivial like that. Silly things. But it makes all the difference doesn't it? I try to do the same to others when I think they look especially fresh or pretty some day. Or even just wear something cute. I make a point to tell them. Because I know how much that means to me on a rough day. So I hope to return the favor. <3 <3 <3

Having said all that.... Don't you love my new sundress!?!?!?!?!? I got it just last week while shopping with my cousin from a little shop called Two Elle. The store was Alice in Wonderland themed right down to the dressing rooms which were called things like "Down the Rabbit Hole" or "Through the Looking Glass." That on its own would have had me sold. But there's more!!!! Not only is the shop completely adorable but they stock the most lovely vintage inspired clothing you could think of! I promptly laid claim to a beautiful rose printed sundress which reminds me of something I imagine fine British ladies wear to tea, and another navy floral printed shirtdress with a matching belt. Oh my goodness gracious lovely. These finds and the added fact that I happen to see TAYLOR SWIFT shopping across the street made the shopping excursion a complete success. :) :) :) :)

So I took pictures yesterday and here they are. Hope you all are having a wonderful Summer so far!

Laughter and Song and Much Love,


  1. Your dress is perfectly lovely. So dainty. =] And I think the shop you got it from sounds unreal....

  2. That's adorable! Love it. The shop sounds perfectly magical, and so does spotting Taylor Swift!

  3. Ahhh Taylor Swift?!?!?! I'm moving to Nashville. It's offish.

    You're adorable :)

  4. Elizabeth my dancing darling, I ALWAYS love your lovely vintag-ey, perfect outfits, and you are just so stunning. I love you so much. Alice in wonderland is my second favoritest book ever, the first being anne of green gables. I think that is totally right, I am usually fussing over my outfit, but I always make it a point to say when Ilike something, but in case I didn't I loved ALL your outfits at the eotyg. ;) when at the gathering, I fussed over my outfits quite a bit, but then when I was hanging out with you guys, I didn't much, I didn't want to spend any extra time on unnecesary things like clothing, eating or sleeping for goodness sakes, I just wanted to hang out with you. :D