Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Trends?

Hey, everyone, Emilyann here!

We've kind of all been extinct for a while.  We had our huge End of the Year Gathering at the beginning of this month, and that week left us all energy-less and summer-lazy.  But it was a blast and I got the privilege of meeting and re-meeting some of my wonderful friends, complete with a few of the girls from the DRD!

Josie and Me

Amanda and Me

Caroline and Me

Elizabeth S. and Me

Anyway, cracking down to business.  The next summer must-know I'm going to be discussing are a few of the easy, doable summer trends. We've seen these trends everywhere, from the runway, the streets, tv, and celebrities.  The first trend is coral lipstick.

The color coral is a red/pink color that leans toward the orange side.  There are several different shades of corals, but they're always a pink with and orange tint.  This brightens up your face and screams warm weather.  It looks good and light and tan skin tones, and can be paired with anything from a dramatic smokey eye, to a simple neutral eye like in the picture.

The second trend is in the area of nailpolish.  There are actually several nail polish trends this summer!  Trendy colors include icy blues and greens, Tiffany blues, and bold hot pinks and oranges.  Some examples of these colors are China Glaze's For Audrey, Essie's Minty Green Apple, OPI's Strawberry Margarita and Chapel of Love, and OPI's Atomic Orange.  And of course, nuetrals on the nails have been fashionable for a while. However, the trend I want to address is this: 

The ring finger trend.  I don't know what makes this so appealing, but I absolutely love it! I haven't worn my ring finger as the same color since I saw this begin to trend.  Here was my first attempt:

I absolutely love it.

The last trend I have for today is kind of a trend that's always in, but sparks up during the summer. 

That's dew-y skin.  I love this trend because it's easy and all about the highlighting.  My favorite look right now are flushed, red cheeks with shimmery, dew-y skin.  Very natural and pretty. 

What are your favorite summer trends?  


  1. Coral Lipstick. SO THERE!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. LOVe the purple of your nails! I've been doing this for a while, and just painted my nails today! lime green and orange! <3<3<3