Monday, February 20, 2012

Because Spring Is Coming...

Winter's almost over (hopefully) but the trends are here to stay!  Perhaps we should put away the darker nail polish colors, and the tights and the blazers, but I'm not quite ready yet, and I doubt all of you are either!  Here are some ways to work winter's trends into your spring outfits.

The left is the winter outfit and the spring is the right in all pictures below.
Also, all outfits were created by me on Polyvore.

Trend #1 - Mixing Metals

This trend was pretty popular on the runway as well as in the real world.  Golds and silvers don't work together?  That's crazy!  They look spectacular together and I'm glad the fashion world finally acknowledged it.  String some bright colored shorts and ribborns around the look.  Make sure to balance out the heaviness of the jewelry with the lightness of the fabric.

Trend #2 - The Trenchcoat

By taking off the sleeves of the trench coats and adding some bright accessories, and giving it an overall more relaxed feel, you can easily take the trenchcoat trend into spring with you.

Trend #3 - Tights and Boots

Tights are almost always practical.  Just change to brightly colored tights to transition them into the spring time! Use boots to give a more earthy effect.

Winter is definitely my favorite fashion month, and I'm not ready to say goodbye to it quite yet, so I'm loving these transitions.  What is your favorite season fashion wise?


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  1. I adore the first outfit with the black blazer and the dress... want!! But my favorite fashion season is summer because bare legs and sundresses = joy.