Monday, January 9, 2012


Hello to you all! A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

I've been feeling especially creative lately. Which is great because I wouldn't classify myself as an artsy person per say. Thats part of why I love watching all the other girls on here and all the creative things to do with just makeup or a hairstyle! So I thought I'd try and be creative too. See how it works out. I've been planning on doing a haul video one of these days, but after seeing Caroline's adorable one I'm a little scared too. :P So I planned on retreating back to pictures to show you some of the things I got for Christmas. But then I thought, wheres the fun in that? I always do that. 

Thats when I got inspired. I love looking at lookbooks. They're like magazines but so much better. Ruche always has the loveliest ones and some of those fancy-schmancy designers who I'll probably never get to wear but can still drool over generally have splendid ones as well. And sometimes they even have look films. I'm sure they're not really called that. Probably something much more official. But I don't know the term. So in my mind they're lookfilms. Anyway I decided to show you my new Christmas dress and coat in a lookfilm. Fancy right? So here's my first attempt. Before you make any judgments keep in mind I filmed this by my lonesome with an iPhone. Come to think of it I must have looked quite hilarious prancing about, balancing my phone on various trees and rocks to take a video...  All this to say I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed making it. <3

Oh and notice I tried do Caroline's french make-up tutorial in this as well! See I told you I was inspired. 


Black & Brown Opaque Tights: New York & Company
Brown Leather Boots: Vintage? 
Vintage Dress Coat: Philanthropy 
Nail Polish: O.P.I. Cheyenne Pepper

Laughter and Song,


  1. THAT. was SO. CUTE. you are terrific. love it all. <3 wonderful idea.

  2. Hey. Bethy. You know all the times where I said you're beautiful and I love you?

    Yeah. that times a million.

    You are just too pretty. And too adorable.

    Go on with yo' bad self.