Thursday, April 19, 2012

DIY: Cheap & Easy Spring Trend Jewelry

Hey, everyone!
Emilyann here, and I'm very excited about the post I have for you all today.  I'm not usually one to follow trends religiously, but there is one trend that caught my eye this season, and that is the neon trend.  Literally everything on the store shelves is neon, and I couldn't be more happy!  One of my favorite fashion eras is the late eighties.  While the nineties influence my style much more, the eighties has that creative pop of color and texture that adds something to any girly outfit.  Neon is a product of the eighties, and I'm happy it's coming back.

Good jewelry can be pretty expensive, and it goes in and out of style faster than you can say Tiffany's.  While most of us succumb to the settlement of Forever21 jewelry and Claire's, I would argue there is a better alternative.  If you've read my posts before, you know I am a huge fan of thrift stores.  I buy in bulk.  It's inexpensive and often extremely rewarding.  I plan on doing a post with some of my best thrifting finds.  Let me know if you're interested in that post.

A lot of the time, the jewelry at thrift stores can be old lady-ish and boring.  But my number one tip for thrifting is to keep an open mind.  Everything has potential.  Including the old lady jewelry at Goodwill.  I went to my favorite thrift store in the town I'm in and got a couple pairs of really big, obnoxious earrings.  Most people would think I was totally crazy.  But my mom gave me a great idea.  In the eighties, she used to buy the one "in" pair of earrings, in white, and then paint them with nail polish to incorporate them into any outfit.  My immediate thought was "neon".

All you'll need for this DIY is:

  • Plastic or similarly textured jewelry
  • Neon or brightly colored nailpolish
  • A paper towel
  • Ear piercing cleaner or rubbing alcohol
Firstly, if you bought the earrings from a thriftstore, you need to soak the earrings in some kind of cleaner.  I use the ear cleaner that I got from Claire's when I got my cartilage pierced.  You can also use rubbing alcohol. Once you've thoroughly cleaned the earrings, and the other jewelry, take part of the earring that goes through your ear and hold it up, now you have a good hold for painting it.  Take a neon colored nailpolish, I chose 24/7 by Sinful Colors.  This color is both neon and dries matte.  Make sure to paint in one direction. If it's zigzagged it will look messy. Don't forget to cover the sides.  Once you've painted in one direction, let it dry.  Then paint against the grain. If you painted across, now paint up & down. This will give full coverage and color to the earring.  Let them dry.

If you are using an earring that has a previous color, never fear.  I took this pair of yellow triangle earrings and painted on a base of a light, cool green color by Forever 21.  It's nearly white, so it cancels out the yellow and provides a clean base for the green. If you don't have a color like this, white should work fine.  After letting it dry, go ahead and apply an actual green.  I chose Sally Hansen's Green With Envy.  With this pair of earrings, I decided to use another spring trend- animal print.  I took a paper towel and rolled the earring, still wet, across the towel.  This gave it a snake skin like texture.  You can see the light green and even a bit of the yellow peeking through. I love it.

Do this to any jewelry you want neon and hop on into spring!  This DIY is great because it's incredibly simple, and it's nailpolish, so it comes off!  Just use a cotton ball and nail polish remover and you have your normal jewelry back.  Have a great spring, everyone!



  1. wow! super cool idea. Can't wait to do this to something! :)
    also, the thrifted finds post? yes, please.

  2. Could you use like little white tacks(like used on boards... hard to describe) and just buy ear ring backs then paint the white part the color you want and add the back??

  3. GraceAnn - I'm not sure if that would work. The ear is one of the most sensitive parts of the skin, and putting something not sterilized or built for the ear could cause infection. I have extremely sensitive ears, as do a lot of people, and my ears would get really sickly. I probably wouldn't recommend it. However, the earrings I got at Goodwill were literally 25 cents a pair. Try that. :)

  4. This is so cool! I'm going to have to try this, as soon as I get some old jewelry! Gaul, this is such a good idea! And a post on thrifting? Yes please!

  5. I've never thought of painting earrings with nail brilliant!